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The Good Night Train.

If only there was a nicer and smarter way to travel within Europe! Exactly, that's what we thought. That is why we decided to put traveling by night train back on the map. It's time to discover The Good Night Train.

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The good night train.

“A good night is different for everyone. But anyone can have a good night with European Sleeper."

With European Sleeper we make connections between countries and cities, connections between people and companies. We start with a train that runs from Brussels via Amsterdam and Berlin to Prague. And every year a new train connection will be added. More and more people will leave the plane, car or bus behind and discover cities in an eco-friendly way.

Running more night trains across Europe is a dream from our community, that we bring to life with our community. That is why we are not your average company, but a social cooperative. It means that people like you can join European Sleeper. Members are allowed to contribute ideas about our business operations and benefit from the profits that we distribute. Just as we do for our members and passengers, we also take good care of everyone who works at European Sleeper.

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Become an owner of our night train.

In June we'll be launching our next sharefunding. Do you want to become part of our community? Keep an eye on the website for updates!

The route of our first night train.

map of the European Sleeper route

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