Explore Europe by Train with Your Bike in Tow

Take your bicycle on board and set off on a journey through Europe’s most stunning landscapes and cycling trails.

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Bike & Rail

Imagine starting your bike adventure right from the train station.

Whether you're tracing the scenic canals of Amsterdam or delving into the architectural wonders of Antwerp, the journey begins at the station!

From short escapes to extensive tours across Europe, we make it easy to take your bike on board the European Sleeper for just €19.

Bike & Rail

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A bike reservation costs only €19.

Our night train accommodates 26 bicycles, with additional spaces available during peak season or for group travel.

You can easily reserve space for your bicycle during the booking process by selecting the "Travel Party" option.

To add a bicycle to an existing reservation, email us at service@europeansleeper.eu with your booking reference. 

Let's go

Routes en route

European Sleeper connects some of Europe's finest cycling destinations. 

The Good Night Train crosses four countries, each with unique landscapes and extensive cycling networks.

From Berlin, you can head in any direction. From Dresden, you enjoy a beautiful ride along the Elbe River to Czech Republic.

Exploring Prague by bike is a delightful experience.

Ready to pedal across Europe?

Routes en route


Choosing our night train means emitting 28 times fewer greenhouse gases compared to flying*.

Combine this with exploring your destinations by bike, and you not only see more of the countryside but also breathe and help preserving cleaner air. 

With the European Sleeper, you gain access to half of all European long-distance cycling routes, making it easier than ever to explore Europe sustainably.

*Source: Study by Back-on-Track Germany e.V.


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