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Focus on sleeping cars.

Our main focus for this sharefunding is the investment in good sleeping cars. The limited availability of rolling stock is currently a serious constraint for most operators of night trains in Europe. Investing in rolling stock is crucial for the continuity and growth ambitions of the company. To realise our ambitions, we are preparing a sizeable investment in renovated or even new sleeping cars. We need €2 million in working capital to prepare for this investment professionally and to guide this complex process.

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The sharefunding starts 28 June.

The minimum investment for this round starts at €300 only. The sharefunding will take place on the eyevestor platform, a full-service platform that makes investing simple, accessible and clear for everyone! If you want to stay informed about the new sharefunding, register now and we will update you in the upcoming weeks and provide you with more detailed information about he conditions. Registration does not commit to anything. Are you joining us?


More comfort and privacy in our new sleeping cars.

In recent decades, the railway companies in Europe have barely invested in night trains. This is why we experience a major shortage of good sleeping cars at the moment. Especially now that the sustainable travel movement is more important than ever, this issue is even more urgent.

In the first few years, European Sleeper can still work with existing carriages. In the long term, we will have to invest in renovated and/or new sleeping carriages. We will focus on improving common night train concepts: different comfort levels in comfortable couchettes and more luxurious sleeping cars.

For travellers, this investment means more comfort, more privacy and a modern look & feel.

An initiative from the community.

European Sleeper is organised as a cooperative. In May 2021 and within 15 minutes, European Sleeper raised €500,000 in seed capital, by selling shares to more than 350 small investors from various countries in Europe and beyond. This created an enthusiastic night train community, that is actively involved in the company. When you invest in European Sleeper, you will be part of our cooperative.

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