Rotterdam. A different kind of GOOD.

This port city is so unique that it has its own word for visitors: "do-rists". Because this sprawling city doesn't just give away its gems easily, you have to work for it...

Rotterdam on the move

Whether it's a organic market, a high-end shopping street, or a museum quarter with the world's first public depot, you'll find them while getting lost on your electric scooter, bike or tram. Along the way, you'll see real city farms, meeting rooms and floating hotels.

If you dare to cross the Maas river, you'll find part II of the city with fun events for children and beaches. Do you want to cycle to the sea for some sand castles? Even that's possible in Rotterdam (all right, the metro also goes that way). You can also take a close look at the Atlantikwall.

Wow! It's a good thing you can take a nap on the way to this city ;)

Rotterdam the Rotterdam way

The most memorable thing about this city is perhaps the way 170 different nationalities live together as true Rotterdammers. No matter which roof park you're picnic in or which of the many summer festivals you visit, you'll easily chat with locals. And if you really want to get to know the city? Eat something you've never had before in one of the hundreds of shops that the city has.

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