Brussels:Huge. Brussels:GOOD.

This metropolis is a collection of 19 municipalities, each with its own romance, quirky rules, and face. From a colorful African neighborhood to a sort of Manhattan, world-famous squares to dozens of sustainable restaurants.

Old and new

The city of Brussels has over 56 museums where you can admire all the pearls of art and design. You can even find a club in an old horse stable and a neighborhood full of chocolate shops.

Are you secretly a romantic? Then you can indulge your heart among all the impressive 17th-century buildings and countless parks. But you'll also get a glimpse into the future, because although this is a historical city where culinary traditions like sweet waffles and stewed meat are maintained, it has nearly 70 sustainable restaurants, countless fashion stores from young and established designers, and a daily vintage market.

Full of parks and gardens

Okay, you need a good bike and a sturdy pair of calves to tackle all the hills, but that way you can discover a different cozy park in every neighborhood.

Of course, you can also take the old metro to explore this city or take a tram to the giant Tervuren Park, where you can wander undisturbed or take a selfie in the royal garden. Wherever you go, the locals will show you how to really enjoy life.

All in one

More than half a million people from all over the world call this metropolis their home and "steek" their weekly fries here.

In a web of cobblestone streets, you'll find an enormous café culture. There, hardworking residents blow off steam on the weekend with a pint brewed in Brussels. In this city of extremes, there is room for everyone and the good news: you can get there while sleeping!

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