Nothing as GOOD as Berlin.

History lies on the street, art is everywhere, the bustling parks, the countless cafes, the most famous clubs, and the vast offering of vegan restaurants: this city has everything that's good.

Berlin on the fly

Whether you want to see the wall up close, visit the famous flea market, or watch a movie at the old Zoo Palace Theater: deciding on the spot what you feel is typical of Berlin.

Berlin food

Ever had a real "frühstück"? You can have a hearty and affordable breakfast anywhere in Berlin. And when you get hungry again, try Vietnamese spots, Turkish sweet shops, or of course, the classic currywurst.

Or, an evening out at Palast Berlin?

Berlin's new show jewel is called FALLING | IN LOVE. Ravishing beauty and an explosion of colour await the audience.

The ingenious signature of Parisian designer Jean Paul GAULTIER hovers over the new Grand Show and an extraordinary collaboration with Swarovski transforms FALLING | IN LOVE with the magic of 100 million crystals into the most sparkling Grand Show ever.

We have a special 5% discount for you if you book the grand show via the link below.

Berlin by night

Luckily, you will arrive in this city feeling refreshed because you've rarely seen so many good clubs and live music all in one place. From hyper VIP to punk and everything in between. Just forget what time it is.

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