GOOD things happen in Amsterdam.

Rarely has there been a city with so much to do in so little square meters. Culture flies around you while the green polders beckon.

The old Amsterdam

Step out of Amsterdam Central and you'll be drawn almost automatically towards the centuries-old city center. Full of hip lunch spots, red streets, vintage shops, galleries, world-famous canals, and pigeons.

Walking or cycling, you can easily discover numerous Amsterdam neighborhoods without covering too many miles. Full of old brown bars, cozy parks, local shops, and markets full of flowers, books, fabrics, and of course: cheese!

The second Amsterdam

Wait a minute! Behind the station there is still much more to see. Old residents of North have suddenly seen the most hip clubs, organic restaurants, and sourdough bakers appear here in recent years.

Here you'll find public gardens with child-friendly cafes, the EYE Film Museum, famous music studios, and numerous festivals. And if you need to take a break, you can walk from here straight into the Dutch polder. Indeed, in Amsterdam North, no one has to be bored for even a minute.

The cultural Amsterdam

From a legendary pop temple in an old church to one of the most modern concert halls in the world. From the Stedelijk Museum with modern art to the oldest and cutest cinema you ever saw.

Even at night, you'll be spoiled with plenty of nightclubs and jazz cafes. And we haven't even talked about the ridiculous offering of crazy theaters, restaurants, and eateries. In short: here you really need to stay up late once!

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