European Sleeper

The Good Night Train

A good night is different for everyone. But anyone can have a good night with European Sleeper.

A fun and smart way to travel

We decided to put travel by night train back on the map by establishing a new Belgian-Dutch railway company in 2021. We are not the only night train fans. Anyone who has ever traveled by night train will tell you enthusiastically about the adventure on board. It's a great way to travel, because stress doesn't exist when you get closer to your destination while you sleep. Plus, it's better for the earth than many other forms of travel.

Connecting Europe by night

With European Sleeper we make connections between countries and cities, connections between people and companies. We will start with a train that runs from Brussels via Amsterdam to Berlin. And every year a new train connection is added. More and more people will leave the plane, car or bus behind and discover more destinations by night.

Sunweb Group

To make sustainable and relaxed train travel more attractive, Sunweb Group and European Sleeper are fully committed to the introduction of direct night trains to popular winter sports and sun destinations.

Barcelona or Stockholm?

We are preparing several other new night train routes. Both for the short and the long term. We see many opportunities towards Southern Europe, but like to take you to Scandinavia by train as well.

Our cooperative

European Sleeper is organised as a cooperative. In May 2021 and within 15 minutes, European Sleeper raised €500,000 in seed capital, by selling shares to more than 350 small investors from various countries in Europe and beyond. An enthusiastic night train community, that is actively involved in the company. In 2022, we again got fully funded in our sharefunding for sleeping cars and raised €2 million.

The founders

European Sleeper is part of the movement that put the overnight sleeper train back on the European map. It was founded by two entrepreneurs with a great passion for sleeper trains: Elmer van Buuren of Train2EU and Chris Engelsman of Noord West Express. With the founding of European Sleeper, we combine an enormous amount of valuable knowledge and experience.

Moonlight Express

European Sleeper is a merger of the Belgian Moonlight Express and Dutch start up European Sleeper. These two railway companies dedicated to night trains, decided to develop one strong night train operator for the Netherlands and Belgium.

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