Life is GOOD in Antwerp.

Discover how this charming city, full of life-lovers, feels as cozy as a village.

A walk to enjoy

While strolling along the banks of the Schelde River, you will discover many secret alleyways with Burgundian restaurants and local boutiques. Giraffes? Careful kids probably already saw their long necks from the train, as the beautiful old zoo is right next to the station. There are real expeditions through the city for young visitors, and many museums have also been made interesting for them. Hungry? Try one of the many Chinese eateries, the authentic Jewish falafel, or, of course, an oyster with Cava!

Plenty of new things to discover

Old squares take you hundreds of years back in time. But is Antwerp old-fashioned? Not at all! Many old museums have recently been given a major renovation and the city was also one of the first cities to introduce public share bikes. There is not only a constantly growing collection of specialty beers, but also natural wine bars are becoming more popular. Take the ferry with the locals to the left bank where you can enjoy a walk or discover "Het eilandje" or PAKT with a real urban farm!

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