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Sunweb Group and European Sleeper

To make sustainable and relaxed train travel more attractive, Sunweb Group and European Sleeper are fully committed to the introduction of direct night trains to popular winter sports and sun destinations. The ambition is to start with the first trains to the French Alps this winter. The next step is a night train that will take holidaymakers directly to the beaches of southern France in the summer season.

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First night train won't start this summer.

Preparations are in full swing, but it appears it is not possible to start the new Brussels-Amsterdam-Berlin-Prague night train in the summer of 2022. To avoid disappointment, we are not giving a new start date for the time being. We are doing everything we can to start our night train as soon as possible, so keep an eye on our newsletter!

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The route of our first night train. 

image of our night train route form Brussels to Prague

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