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Our first night train

Preparations are in full swing to launch the new Brussels-Amsterdam-Berlin-Prague. To avoid disappointment, we are not giving a new start date for the time being. We are doing everything we can to start our night train as soon as possible, so keep an eye on our newsletter!

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Sunweb Group and European Sleeper

Since the announcement of the collaboration between Sunweb Group and European Sleeper, a lot of work has been going on behind the scenes to start direct night trains to France. However, these seasonal trains are not yet feasible in the short term. “When we started this project we knew it would be a big challenge. Renting carriages in particular is difficult at the moment, but the capacity request for the routes and finding a good subcontractor to carry out the services in France are also quite difficult”, Chris Engelsman, Co-Founder of European Sleeper.

However, Sunweb Group and European Sleeper have gained valuable knowledge and experience in recent times. We are therefore continuing with our plans to realize new night train connections to France and even Barcelona.

We sold out our sharefunding!

In the summer we've sold out our sharefunding and welcomed new members to our European Sleeper community.

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The route of our first night train

image of our night train route form Brussels to Prague

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